Where I work

I assess from a lovely, bright and airy room at Heythrop College, University of London, in London. There is a comfortable waiting room and a fully stocked canteen for parents to use, and the college is a few minutes’ walk from High Street Kensington tube station:

Heythrop College,  University of London,

23 Kensington Square,

London W8 5HN

It may be possible for me to visit you at home if you live in the North London area and this is more convenient for you, which can be a more relaxed and productive setting for your child, particularly if they are anxious or reluctant.

If your London area school has suggested the assessment and would like to have some involvement, it can also be helpful to work with your child there if they can provide a room during a school day. Otherwise a mutually agreed location can be arranged.

Please complete the form with brief details or email me at : jmerichards@gmail.com