How I Can Help Your Child

How an independent educational assessment might be useful for your child

In a situation where a parent or school feels that a child’s learning isn’t progressing in the way they would want it to, and the child is becoming stuck with learning, or frustrated, an educational psychologist can be consulted, to produce an educational psychologist’s (EP’s) assessment.

How does an educational psychologist support a child?

Children’s development varies and not all children achieve at the same rate. However some children have difficulties in specific areas which other children seem to find easy.

Often parents are concerned about literacy or numeracy skills that are below the child’s apparent ability. Handwriting, spelling, writing speed or reading comprehension may just not reflect what the child is really capable of.

A child may be experiencing general difficulties with learning in school, poor examination results in comparison to class work, or showing avoidance of homework and reading at home. Learning styles vary and some children really struggle with attention, concentration and motivation in class. There may be difficulties with the processing of information either visually or verbally, or both. Memory, organisation and planning may be poor.

Very bright children are sometimes overlooked at school, and an assessment can highlight ways to extend and support these pupils as well as ensuring their specific learning styles and strengths are maximised. Children approaching examinations and school transitions and transfers can really benefit from an educational assessment, and often parents just want to be sure that their child is in the right school for them.

Sometimes there is just a feeling that something is ‘not quite right’, and a detailed assessment of strengths, weaknesses and learning styles is sought to shed light on what might be going on.


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