What are educational assessments?


What the independent educational assessment involves:

A full independent educational assessment with an educational psychologist starts with acquiring background information from the people most concerned with the child. This will always include talking to you as parents to find out about your child’s strengths, difficulties, early development and so on. I will usually email you a comprehensive questionnaire prior to the educational assessment, and we will have a chat on the day to ensure that I am clear about exactly what you are looking for from the assessment process itself.

If you choose to involve the school at this point, I can also contact the relevant teachers with a school questionnaire to ensure that information from the school setting is also included in the overall picture.

Any insights from professionals or individuals involved with your child such as a nanny can be included and other useful info can also be included in the background information gathering process- as little or as much as you feel is appropriate at the time.



The assessment itself usually lasts between 1 ½ to 2 hours depending on the age of your child, the speed at which they work and what additional tests are indicated as the assessment progresses.

I use a range of standardised tests to help evaluate the child’s strengths and weaknesses including psychometric tests and attainments. Observations of learning style, attention, motivation and so on are also made throughout the assessment. These can provide information for possible referral for further assessments, for example for dyspraxia, speech and language or attention difficulties.

Following the educational assessment, I will discuss the outcomes of the assessment with you, as well as any recommendations and advice arising. This usually takes between thirty minutes and an hour. Please note that the Dyslexia Teaching Centre does not have a waiting room or staff to supervise children following assessments. You will therefore need to make arrangements to have your child collected following the assessment or arrange for a trusted adult to wait with them in the main building. Alternatively I can provide the feedback over the phone or on another day convenient to us both.

This usually takes half an hour to three quarters, and I will discuss the results of the assessment as well as the appropriate next steps and suggestions to help at home and at school. If it is not possible for you to discuss the assessment on the day itself, I will contact you to later by telephone.

Within three weeks of the assessment I will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report outlining any relevant history and involvement from other professionals, the results of the assessment, plus conclusions and recommendations for school and home. I am happy to discuss this over the phone with school staff or other involved professionals as part of the educational assessment.

Please complete the form with brief details or email me at : jmerichards@gmail.com