Most Recent Testimonials:

Thank you very much for assessment and detailed report. School agreed to give xxx one to one help from September which we are very pleased. Thanks again for your help (Parent, June 2021)

Thank you for your thorough report and recommendations. It will all be very useful for communicating with xxx’ teachers and tutors and for building the structures and strategies needed to help him develop and enjoy learning. (Parent, July 2021)

Thank you so much for this. It’s enormously helpful to have this report. Your recommendations are so comprehensive and thoughtful and will really help to support xxx’s learning. (Parent, July 2021)

Xxx, having done extremely poorly in his 10+ Entrance Exam, a year later, with an extra time allowance thanks to your assessment… achieved entrance to virtually every school he applied for at 11+ (Parent, December 2021)

Thank you for the report – it seems very thorough and extensive (Parent, January 2022)


I have just been in receipt of, and am reading through the latest Ed Psych report from you. I just wanted to say thank you SO much for each and every one of your reports. They are so full of wonderful explanation, detail and recommendations and really make a world of difference to our input with our learners. It is fantastic to be working with such a professional as yourself. You are always our first recommendation of Ed Psych! (SENCo of Independent School In London)

I wanted to write you a note of personal thanks. My daughter is incredibly happy with her GCSE results. I am also over the moon (7A*s, 2As and 1B). I am clear that her success was the result of her intellect, hard work but also your effort. Without your guidance, we would never had the extra time in the exams which *** needed to show her true potential. Thank you. (Parent)


Again, this is very useful – thank you. I thought your report was exceptionally detailed and insightful.  I have shared it with the school (Parent)

I would recommend Julia Richards. She has seen many *** girls over the years and writes very comprehensive reports and seems to quickly get the ‘essence’ of a student in a very short time (Independent girls’ school SENDCo)

Thanks for the great report, it’s thorough and really helpful to us, It was good to meet you. Thanks again (Parent)

I was so thrilled with the detail and quality of the reports you produced and your kind and gentle manner with the children (Parent)

Many thanks for the reports for *** and *** – what a great job you did.  It has helped us to plan an intensive programme to which there has already been a positive response (SENDCo)

A huge thank you for the your very helpful, clear and patient assessment and advice (Parent)

We had a really positive meeting with ***’s parents and we all found your assessment really helpful and full of practical ideas, so thank you! (SENCo)

Dear Julia, I wanted to thank you for your sensitivity and patience with me during our Wednesday session. It was a big day for our family, and to be honest it was quite a shock. We had never thought our child would be diagnosed as dyslexic. However, this knowledge has actually helped us understand our daughter better in so many ways (Parent)

Julia, this is great. Thank you. So clear and whilst upsetting to know that it has taken this long for me to find out what has been different about B at school, it is a relief to know now. I just hope the school pick this up and run with it. I have ordered loads of books! But I really cannot express my thanks enough (Parent)

Thank you for assessing *** yesterday and for getting this very helpful and detailed report to me so quickly. You really put her at ease before the assessment and I was so pleased that she did not seem at all fazed by it! (Parent) 

*** has read the report and we would like to thank you for your efforts and hard work compiling it. We believe it accurately reflects what we have told you and our practical observations our in line with your own analysis and the results of the tests in the appendix, many thanks, (Teacher)

I have just read your assessment of xxxX and just wanted to thank you so much. As a SENCO it is rare to receive a report that is so thorough and linguistically accessible. Very very helpful, (SENCO)


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My apologies for replying so late to your report. The report is exactly what we need and sets out so clearly how we can now help our child. The school are so appreciative of how clear & helpful it is that they are now recommending you to anyone that is looking for assessments. Thank you again,  (Parent)

Thank you very much for the assessment. It was full of helpful suggestions and I took it to school to use as a basis for discussion with the teachers. They were also impressed as the report was far more comprehensive and detailed than many that they see. Having learned more about what dyslexia is, I would like to get my older child tested as well. Thanks, (Parent)

I just wanted to write a quick line to say thank you for the time you took evaluating our son’s learning abilities. He has finally been granted the 25% extra time you recommended; just the knowledge he has more time has given him a bit less anxiety when preparing for his exams. So, fingers crossed, this will hopefully be a better year for him. Thankyou! (Parent)

Many thanks for your assessment of *** yesterday. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders as now we have something to move onward with. Many thanks again, (Parent)

This is just a thank you note to you for your amazing skills regarding my boy. Following your report we have discovered that he has to improve the muscular control of his right eye, just as you predicted. Also, the school was so impressed with your work that as far as I know they have recommended you to a number of parents already. Thanks once again (Parent)

Thank you so much for the report. It was fascinating to read your findings and it will be extremely useful in the forthcoming exams and school choices. I know you are very busy and it was so kind of you to ‘fast track’ the report, (Parent)

I have reviewed this very detailed report…. Thank you for all your help and assistance with xxx. The report seems to have captured his issues well, (Parent)

Thank you for a most helpful assessment and particularly for your recommendations which was what we needed to help  xxx progress and manage her potential….. and thank you also for liaising with the school, (Parent)

Thanks very much for your wonderful work – worth every penny! (Parent)

Thank you so much Julia. This report is great. The reported history is really accurate and your assessment extremely helpful, and in fact pretty encouraging at its core, albeit with lots of work to be done, (Parent)

Thank you so much for sending this (report) through. I believe this is a very thorough and true assessment and I really appreciate the hands on strategies and direction that you have suggested. I think they will really be able to have a significant impact on his learning ability, (Parent)

We have appreciated the quality and clarity of your reports and quite frankly, we believe you are the best professional in this field, (Parent)

Xxx is now applying for new schools and I have been asked to forward the report for him to be eligible to some extra time in the written exams. He has grown in confidence since you saw him and the assessment has helped him a lot, as it has helped him understand better why he find some aspects of learning harder than others, thank you, (Parent)

Thank you! Once again for a really comprehensive report on ***. I hope that this will really help the parents to understand his difficulties, (SENCo)

You are such a star – this is an excellent report. I would like to show it to some of your colleagues to demonstrate what a constructive and helpful report should look like! (SENDCo)

As *** is so young, it is very important to find an Educational Psychologist who relates well to children of this age. The person I have in mind is Julia Richards – her assessments are very sound and her reports are worth every penny (SENCo)

The report has been most useful and I found it very thorough. Thank you, (Parent)

A huge thank you for the your very helpful, clear and patient assessment and advice, (Parent)

We had a really positive meeting with ***’s parents and we all found your assessment really helpful and full of practical ideas, so thank you! (SENCo)

Many thanks for the hard copy report. You have been so helpful, and I feel sure we will be asking you for more advice before long, (Parent)

Belated thanks for your report on xxx. It was fascinating to read and seems to confirm what we thought of her ability and her weaknesses. I hope that this will help in her senior school applications, (Parent)

I am so very grateful to you for your support in this, you have really given me the peace of mind needed and shown kindness when least expected. I wish you well and should I need help for *** or any of my other children I will certainly be choosing your services, (Parent)

The report is great- lots to go through, and very thorough, (Parent)

I was so thrilled with the detail and quality of the reports you produced and your kind and gentle manner with the children, (Parent)

Many thanks for the reports for *** – what a great job you did.   It has helped us to plan an intensive programme to which there has already been a positive response, (SENCo)